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Wayfinding study

How do we guide Brucity’s visitors?

Brucity, the new Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels, designed by the temporary Association B2Ai – BAAA Bruno Albert, opened in late 2022 in the beating heart of central Brussels. 

Brucity’s building is constructed entirely of glass. Maximum light penetration is crucial in an urban environment, taking into account the shadows of surrounding buildings.

The glass façades also symbolise the commitment to openness and transparency in the functioning of the Brussels administration.

More than just a new building, it is also an evolution in the way
that the City of Brussels works.

BruCity public section

A public section with reception desks and counters.

BruCity private part

A private part with the workplace environment, meeting rooms, etc.

BruCity semi-public part

A semi-public part with meeting rooms, council chamber, cafeteria, etc.


  • Strengthening a ‘client- and solution-oriented’, citizen-centred atmosphere.

  • Increase the well-being of employees by improving their working conditions.

  • Promote collaboration between teams by encouraging information sharing and communication without forgetting the need for acoustic privacy by creating more ‘introverted’ working environment tools.


  • Encourage co-creation and (formal and informal) exchange between colleagues and, by extension, visitors.

  • Develop a true team spirit within the organisation.

  • Creating a real reference in terms of urban office architecture.

Signburo was commissioned to design a signage concept reflecting this new vision.

The signage had to be as simple as possible so that it could be understood by everyone, i.e. citizens as well as employees. 
Moreover, the new signage had to be in line with the City’s house style and identity.

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