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City of Hoogstraten
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The COMBINATION of two campuses with totally different purposes ISN’T that simple. 


The Stede Akkers campus currently has limited existing signage. In practice, it isn’t always efficient and causes some confusion and ambiguity among users. Moreover, several changes and expansions are in the pipeline, which means that the signage of the entire campus has to be updated and improved. In addition, there was the city’s desire to include not only the care campus but also, at the same time, the adjacent Wereldakker sports park in the general signage of the site.


The combination of two campuses with totally different purposes isn’t that simple.  Very different user profiles as well as different forms of mobility had to be taken into account.


We designed a concept where external visitors are first directed to the most appropriate car park for them.  General signage for this is present in sufficient size to be clearly visible. From the car parks, visitors are then directed to their destinations on foot.  The entire site has the same look & feel, which ensures a uniform appearance.  Every other location on the site can be found from any intersection.

Moreover, the system is designed in such a way that it can be applied to other locations in the city in the future.

For this, we designed elegant, sleek signage entirely in the City of Hoogstraten’s house style.  The various free-standing columns contain (customisable) texts as well as playful graphics based on the shape of the city’s territory.

Project status

The study has been conducted.  The City of Hoogstraten is currently looking for a contractor. Below are some design sketches of what the result will look like.

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