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LUCA School of Arts
Luca wayfinding study


Various tests and surveys showed that it was best to keep the signage as clean and simple as possible.


LUCA School of Arts is a multidisciplinary teaching and research environment where creative talent can develop and evolve artistically, performance-wise, and technically. LUCA combines the educational expertise of five renowned institutes (Sint-Lukas, Narafi, C-mine, Sint-Lucas, and Lemmens) in four cities (Brussels, Genk, Ghent, and Leuven).

LUCA offers over 50 study programmes in Audio-Visual Arts and Techniques, Fine Arts and Design, Interior & Product Design, Architecture, Music, and Drama. With that wide range of professional and academic courses, it is a benchmark in higher art education.


The Sint-Lukas Campus in colourful Schaerbeek stands as a landmark and hotspot for young talent in design and art. However, because the campus is a patchwork of several connected buildings, it was practically impossible to find your way through the complex site.  Signburo was asked to find a logic to it.


Simple and sleek signage

After an extensive on-site study, several tests on how best to reach all locations, and user surveys, we decided to keep the signage as clean and simple as possible.  Users are directed to the correct part of the building first and then to the desired room. 

This avoids an excess of references and only provides info that is relevant at that place. Of course, we kept the design clean and simple to tie in perfectly with the LUCA house style.

Project status

The study has been conducted.  Implementation has not yet been determined.

Luca School of Arts hallway

LUCA School of Arts

Luca School of Arts buildings

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